Managed Cloud Backup

Your company's data is extremely valuable. Don't underestimate the financial cost of lost data or down-time caused by servers that never backed up. Our backup services are different than Carbonite or other similar offers because we Actively Monitor and repair any problems with your backups to insure your data is as safe as possible. Give us a call to learn more about proper backup practices to keep you safe from Ransomware or other disasters.

Disaster Recovery

If you are unable to do business due to an IT related issue we will do our best to get your business back up and running same-day if possible. We understand that down-time on a server means you could be paying those employees to do essentially nothing and preventing you from making sales. We specialize in quick disaster recovery and implementation of on-the-spot workarounds to get you up and running as soon as possible.

IT Security and HIPAA Compliance

We specialize in getting our clients up to date on whatever Regulations govern your business. If you are a Medical or Law Office with any form of Patient information you will fall under HIPAA compliance requirements. The fines for a breach under HIPAA compliance can end most small businesses. Contact us to review your IT related security and educate your employees to avoid an incident from ever occurring.